Steve Castle

Coming from an engineering background and being involved in the building industry for over 10 years before coming to France in 2001 Steve Castle continues his work with a bespoke joinery service which is actually more that.

Steve works mainly with reclaimed materials, both from here at the Reclamation Yard and at times with items reclaimed from a clients property, and creates timeless classic designs. Be it a full kitchen or a cupboard Steve works with his clients throughout the process to produce attractive and highly practical results.

« The key is to ensure that I work with the client and the materials when working on the design stage. Sometimes the material or the property itself suggests a particular approach and at all times both the client and my input is focused on functional, attractive items that fit their surroundings and will continue to do so for many years to come. »

Steve works with local French artisans (electricians, plumbers etc.) when required, has a number of Dutch, Spanish and French clients alongside his English ones and, modestly, describes his French as « Ce n’est pas mal » and covers departments 16 and 87.

Siret 504315813
Steve Castle


Examples of Steve’s work with some materials from the Reclamation Yard.