2018 Already?

Well Bonne Année to you all and welcome to 2018!

Not that we want to suggest you’ll need the special feature of this furniture but it is practically theft proof – mainly due to the risk of hernia if you try to move it! It’s an example of some of the things we’ve made from reclaimed wood and materials from barn demolitions – cattle partitions, planks, woodworking skill, time and some, perhaps possibly odd, thought processes that go into the work we do here at The Reclamation Yard.

We’ve recently taken into stock the ‘odds and sods’ of a French interior tiler so we have, relatively small numbers, of a large selection of tiles. That is underestimating what we have as he was in the business for 40+ years and there are many styles, sizes and ages of tiles that might just be exactly what you need to finish off your project, find the tile or two to replace your damaged ones, add to your existing spares or give you the inspiration for something new. There are literally hundreds to pick through.

Don’t think we are just about beams here at The Reclamation Yard we are into every niche – literally in this case. This is a great piece and just cryting out for a bit of je ne sais quoi – we’d like to see the pictures of what you do with this one.

How about something a bit classy? This is probably best described as heavy metal in terms of construction but adding some angels to your room can never be a bad thing!

We always have a huge range of items in addition to the things you’ve come to expect so why not pay us a visit and have a look around to see what we have for you.