Including the kitchen sink

As always we’ve got a vast range of what you know and love us for, building materials, mirrors, barrels, stone, beams… At the moment we’ve also got a canoe, a wooden jug, sofas, coffee grinders, a rocking cradle… If you haven’t been over for a while you’ll notice we have had a tidy up in … Continue reading “Including the kitchen sink”

October 2018

The grue are heading south so it’s time to start thinking about the arrival of the colder weather but we’ve some interesting items to, hopefully, brighten your day a little. We’ve got various parts of this 1920’s 2HP Motobécane including the original insurance policy and a photo of the bike in its heyday. If you … Continue reading “October 2018”

September 2018

Variety is, they say, the spice of life so it’s getting very spicy here at the Reclamation Yard. There can’t be many places where you can buy bellows, a big game trophy, a vase and a barrel all in one trip! Just in case that’s all too normal for you we’ve also got this Tuc … Continue reading “September 2018”

August 2018

Has it been hot enough for you? Despite the sweltering heat we’ve been as busy as ever here at the Reclamation Yard and this month we thought we’d give you an idea of the range that awaits you here in Confolens. We’re known for our beams and, as ever, we’ve a huge every changing range … Continue reading “August 2018”

May 2015

The weather can’t make it’s mind up yet but the sun was shining here at the Reclamation Yard and we have some interesting new things for you to ponder over as you make plans for Summer projects. Full metal brackets seems an appropriate description for these, we have approximately twenty of them. We’re not entirely … Continue reading “May 2015”


HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 46 208L 480€ per barrel or bring your own tub and its 2.50€ per litre.

2018 Already?

Well Bonne Année to you all and welcome to 2018! Not that we want to suggest you’ll need the special feature of this furniture but it is practically theft proof – mainly due to the risk of hernia if you try to move it! It’s an example of some of the things we’ve made from … Continue reading “2018 Already?”

Going Global

We were chatting recently and realised we have exported or had customers export goods to many places around the world. Here’s our first attempt at recording that to see how far along we are on the aim of worldwide domination! We’re sending these items, together with some cart wheels to Madagascar soon: From time to … Continue reading “Going Global”