April 2021

The showroom is near enough full from our latest house clearance, including lots on small antique collectables from the old gate house of the ancient fortified town of Confolens !!!! Good news is we have another booked in for later next week. See More On Facebook

Back To Normal?

Maybe things aren’t quite back to normal but we’re on our way which is comforting. We’ve got all the things you’d expect and one or two you might not.

Full of surprises

By now you’ve probably got used to the fact that we have unusual bits and pieces so maybe you’ll not be surprised to find this at the Reclamation Yard. We can still be relied on for all the old favourites including lighting, beams, floorboards, stud, ply, plaster, stone work, doors, shutters etc. etc. A couple
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What’s in-store?

It’s definitely getting colder, the cranes are on their way south and it’s noticeable here at the Reclamation Yard. We pride ourselves with having a wide range of stock from and you can read about our reclaimed beams and building materials on the site. Here are a few of the things currently in stock that
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House Clearances

We’ve been busy with house clearances recently so have lots of items from a stylish bicycle to power tools and furniture to crockery. The way a house clearance works is that we agree a price for whatever you no longer need and you can keep using it right up until the day of your move
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