2018 Already?

Well Bonne Année to you all and welcome to 2018! Not that we want to suggest you’ll need the special feature of this furniture but it is practically theft proof – mainly due to the risk of hernia if you try to move it! It’s an example of some of the things we’ve made from
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Staircase From Reclaimed Wood

One of our customers shared these pictures on Facebook of a staircase he made from wood we supplied. Just thought I’d say thanks for your time & help and attach a few pics of the staircase I made from the wood you provided & delivered (on time & over such a great distance I should
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Going Global

We were chatting recently and realised we have exported or had customers export goods to many places around the world. Here’s our first attempt at recording that to see how far along we are on the aim of worldwide domination! We’re sending these items, together with some cart wheels to Madagascar soon: From time to
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June 2017

We’re increasing the range and amount of building materials we hold here at the Reclamation Yard so we’ve got you covered for those DIY projects and for the pros. Indian Stone Flagging New Wood Ext Grade ply OSB Board MDF Green Chip flooring Skirting board Feather Edge Ship lap Architrave CLS Studwork Joists Batons Thistle
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New Creations

It’s not just about beams and building supplies here at the Reclamation Yard, here are a few things we’ve made from reclaimed materials to give you some ideas or you can just get us to do the work for you.