Douglas Fir

Do not confuse this with pine, Douglas Fir is one of the world’s highest rated softwood in terms of it’s strength to weight ratio and solidity which makes it ideal for both interior and exterior building.

Douglas Fir has a great resistance to wet and damp conditions so does not necessarily need to be anti-rot treated in every use case.

If left outside untreated for a certain period depending on sun exposure, the light pink tones of the wood will transform into the stunning silver/grey shades that we all picture when we think of Douglas Fir.

We stock Douglas Fir in a variety of sizes and lengths:

Studwork: in 50mm x 100mm and 50mm x 75mm sizes in varying lengths such as 2.5m ,3m and 4m

Joists: 50mm x 150mm in 2.5m, 3m and 4m

50mm x 200mm in 4m lengths

Decking: 150mm x 25mm in 3m lengths, profiled top and bottom for grip on the top and to eliminate stagnating water on the underside.

Volige: 20mm x 150mm in 3m lengths

Posts: 100mm x 100mm, 75mm x 75mm and 50mm x 50mm in 3m lengths

Slats/Battens: 25mm x 50mm in 3 m lengths

We work with closely with a sawmill for our Douglas Fir products, that are grown and milled in France, so if you have any special requirements, we are happy to give a quote for all your needs!