Going Global

We were chatting recently and realised we have exported or had customers export goods to many places around the world. Here’s our first attempt at recording that to see how far along we are on the aim of worldwide domination!

We’re sending these items, together with some cart wheels to Madagascar soon:

Chairs from the Hotel Vienne in Confolens
Scales which we are told will be in use by local street sellers in the near future!

From time to time we intend to showcase either an artisan that buys materials from here at the Rec Yard or some particular project undertaken by us or one of our customers and the first of these can be seen here – Steve Castle. Steve has been a customer for quite a while and produces some quality end products from our materials.

We’re well known for our extensive and eclectic range of items so here’s a few examples of what you’ll find when you visit the Yard:

A decorative heavy horse collar
Doors and overlight from the old ttrolley stop in Limoges.
Lights made from piping here at the yard.

A pedalo which has been repaired and improved by us, including the addition of a place for Bob the dog. Unfortunately not currently for sale as it’s too much fun!