October 2018

The grue are heading south so it’s time to start thinking about the arrival of the colder weather but we’ve some interesting items to, hopefully, brighten your day a little.

We’ve got various parts of this 1920’s 2HP Motobécane including the original insurance policy and a photo of the bike in its heyday. If you fancy a project just give us a call for full details.

One of the sources of our beams and other items is demolitions that we undertake ourselves. The maintenance of our equipment is nothing trivial and recent tyre changes resulted in invoices of over 1500€ but you can’t do the job without the right tools.

We often recycle things here at the Reclamation Yard and these trailersides make great plate racks. They’ll be more information coming soon about these and many more recycling projects.

We always have a huge range of things, many you wouldn’t expect, there’s even something for the little ones here so it really is worth a visit the next time you’re near Confolens.